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Jockmog Sporting Activites

Since the early days of the company, Morgans have been campaigned in many types of motorsport activities and the opportunity for Jockmog members to continue that tradition is provided by long-time partner, Monklands Sporting Car Club, (by coincidence also MSCC.) The type of events run by MSCC cater for novices to experts in various disciplines.

The objective is to get as far as possible up a grassy and frequently muddy, twisting course set on a short but steep hillside. Finding traction and avoiding wheel spin are the key to success

and cars are seldom travelling at more than walking pace.

Grass Autotests
The objective is complete a course around a number of cones in the shortest possible time. For most of the members who currently take part in these events, they are a greater test of memory than driving skill!

Hillclimbs are speed events run on the tarmac hillclimb course at Forrestburn. These are run to a strict set of parameters laid down and governed by the Motor Sports Association. Cars run one at a time against the clock and generally the fastest wins, although there is a handicap system for classic and historic cars. Helmets, fireproof overalls and gloves are mandatory as is some basic car preparation.

For further information on these events and on the Forrestburn facility go to the Monklands Sporting Car Club website “www.mscc.org.uk” In addition, Jockmog members frequently take part in touring type events run by other carclubs and these are generally notified by email. A number of members also marshal on events  run by other clubs from “clubman” level up to international. Volunteers are always welcome!